Harmonious Fits:
  • Anthony Avila - Vocals, Guitar
  • Brian Basmajian - Bass, Vocals
  • Eric Jahr - Guitar
  • Mike Kourklian - Drums

    • Harmonious Fits... the bio... Once upon a time, in a far off, but not really too distant of a land (well, Tipton), 
    there was this guy, let's call him guy "A" (becauase his name was Anthony guy "A" was walking about one day with one 
    of his family's cows when he met someone on the dusty road. Let's call him guy "B", because his name happened to be brian. 
    So guy "A" says to guy "B," " hey I am taking this cow to the marketplace in the village, would you like to join me? I can 
    sing, what can you do?" guy '"B" said to guy "A," "wow! that is cool, and I can sing too, play bass, and I have my own 
    plumbling supplies also that i can make sounds with!". they did so for a while and were joined by some other townsfolk, 
    eventually went there seperate ways... 
      ...some time later... guy "A" was introduced and met guy "C", well actually let's call him guy "E" for the purposes 
    of this story, because his name was "Eric." guy "E" really didn't like the minstrals he was playing with and said to 
    guy "A," "hey I can play guitar, other instruments, and I own a fish we should start our own traveling musical roadshow." 
    They played together with various other people for a while... and were almost, kinda successful with that rogue's gallery 
    but as they say, (whoever 'they' are?), that's a different faireytale, for another time... anyway, let's see... where was i... 
    oh yeah... 
      They were very good, but a troll came along and ate the other to guys... or something like that... guy"A" and guy 
    "E" said, "we are good together, like two sides of the same coin, we should stay together and seek out others with like 
    abilities, mindset, and alchemy to join us on our quest for the grail...the correct people have to be out there." They 
    continued onward... some came... some went... one got eaten by a toad, another flew away, one cried... another got really 
    weird about ice creams and the time setting on the microwave... one guy just went *pooof* and disappeard...well, i'm running 
    out of parchment, so I guess i'll try to get to the point... 
      Guy "A" remembered guy "B" was still alive, he joined up from miles away, and also brought his plumbing supplies to play 
    on a few songs. The one that flew away earlier in the story, let's call him guy "M" for the purposes of this fable since his 
    name was Mike, came back, now with the super abilities to hit things in a relative space of time in conjunction with other 
    things that had animal skins stretched over them.... guy "E" thought that it might be some sort of voodoo, but guy "A" said, 
    "it's only drums." they were now better than just 'good,' they were great. 
      Many villagers from towns in the western territories of the states said they were outstanding, and harmonious. The music 
    they made together made the people have fits of joy. You might say, they were have Hamonious Fits. The villagers started saying, 
    "have you seen that band with those guys in it? They'll give you Harmonious Fits!" The name stuck for some reason. I'm sure 
    it's a good one, but that might be a discussion for another forum... 
      On some distant night, if you should happen to see their name...see them playing in some farmer's shed, I mean venue near you... 
    or hear their music, you must seek it out, for it will change your life (hey, it could... well, atleast you'll remember them in a 
    good way). You should see them live and in person, with many of your friends. Start saving your imperial credits, livestock, or 
    magic beans as they will be releasing their latest music compilation of songs, titled "insert name here," out unto the world in 
    the new year. 
    p.s. several of their songs from a previous musical masterwork, known by the title of "... The Great Majority." (Available 
    on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby... ), will be appearing in two movies this year and the respective soundtracks!!! One entitled 
    "Buddy Hutchins," and the other "Wishing On A Dream." Check their website for more info and release dates. 

    Harmonious Fits!!!.


    ...Harmonious Fits albums available...

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